Certificate FAQ

The following section answers frequently asked questions regarding external user certificates.

What is the validity of the external user certificates?

The certificates for external users are issued with 2 years validity.

Are there any notifications sent prior to certificate expiration?

Yes (only for SSL Clientless VPN).

How can I renew the external user certificate?

The renewal process is the same as the enrollment process. However, renewal can only happen once the previous external user certificate has been revoked OR 6 weeks before the current certificate expires (only for SSL Clientless VPN).

What to do in case the private key was compromised?

Please contact DPDHL IT Services through your local DPDHL contact providing your username.

How can I recover the certificate/private key?

The private key is generated on the user's device therefore we can not archive it. Once the certificate has been issued, it is the responsibility of every external user to back up his/her certificate/private key and encrypt it with a password to an external device.